Acquire airplane

Come Test Fly!

This is a promotion for pilots seriously interested in a close-knit group and better flying experince with a membership/ownership that is an alternative to "Renting". We believe our club is good fit for pilots who fly 40 hours to 75 hours a year.

We will consider (on a case by case basis) student pilots who have soloed, taken the written and are close to finishing. Otherwise all pilots must be minimum Recreational or Private Pilot to become club members.


Aircraft Membership Usage Topics: Your monthly fee entitles you to (3) flight hours per month! Monthly fee of $176 (paid quarterly) includes and covers, your pro-rata share of ...

  • - tie-down, $5
  • supplies, equipment,support, schedule software $6
  • - engine oil usage $7
  • - Maintenance Reserve $14
  • - includes (3) flight hours per month @ $48 = $144
  • Total Per Month $176

  • Flight Time:
  • - Any flight time over 3 hours is at $48 per hour(dry, you buy your fuel)

  • Your Yearly Cost:
  • - Cooperative Insurance Pool $109
  • - Annual maintenance Inspection $95